Welcome to Lincore

Lincore is a private software development company specialising in the ongoing maintenance and new development of custom line of business and eCommerce applications.

We partner closely with your company to work as an in-sourced software team.

We also provide ad-hock consultancy, design and engineering services.


When should you call us?

Call when you...

  • have to restructure/rescue an existing legacy IT system or a poorly implemented/faulty IT project.
  • have to progress from a paper based business process to a more sophisticated application based workflow.
  • have a concept idea and want to implement a commercial application, website or mobile phone application.

What makes us different?

Jay founded the company in 2010 having spent 20 years working for other development teams in the City of London and freelancing as an application and database specialist working in Delphi, C# and Php.

In 2012 he formed an informal partnership with Andrew Hawken of 50Eggs Limited and both work together to provide cutting edge development to serveral high profile companies. Jay and Andy are also supported by a number of like minded and equally talented developers and have become a go to team for those that need leading edge skills and a responsive team.

For more info feel free to contact either of us on social media or pick up the phone.

Contact Details


17 Trenwith Place, St Ives, TR26 1QD
+44 7976 300036

Skype. id: jbennie

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