Rates and Fees


Projects are costed on a time and materials basis using current industry contract rates for the required skill levels of the specific project.

Small projects, those with a project duration of less than 1 month can be contracted on a fixed quote basis.

Projects greater than one man month, will be billed at regular intervals on delivery of the corresponding project milestone.

Courtesy Services:

Project management costs are included in the project cost, when a dedicated PM is not required.
Initial project meeting for client projects

Other Tariffs:

Travel, Accommodation are at the Clients Expense for Training Sessions and occasions where developers are required on Site.
Special Insurances will be required for financial and e-commerce development projects providing advisory or services impacting asset performance and returns of private consumers.
Special Insurances may be required for e-commerce and sites that aim to hold content created by unmoderated users. In all cases premiums will be arranged by HISCOX or a like provider and included in project fees.
Post development support costs will be 10% of project development costs for each 12 months.
All prices are ex V.A.T.
Hardware and consumable item costs are not included unless otherwise stated.
Invoices are payable within 30 days of Invoice date. Interest of 5% will be charged thereafter on any outstanding balance.


Typical project Est.
Quarterly outsourced IT support. £2500+
Business web/database application £3000+
Marketing website (wordpress blog) £1500+
Website hosting £250+
Android/iphone application £5500+